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Antyodaya property owners, wheat and grain

Viernes, Febrero 1st, 2013

Antyodaya property owners, wheat and grain prices remain Urs 2 and Urs 3 per kilograms respectively For BPL individuals too, the price of wheat or grain and rice reside unchanged at Urs 415 a kg and Rs 565 per kg respectively Clearing up the rationale behind cutting the quantity of foodgrain meant for these types of families, the government says that given the other programmes that run parallel within the PDS, this quantity would likely meet the nutritional wants of poor familys It says: “with BPL/Antyodaya individuals also getting the advantage of foodgrain under rural recruitment programmes, the repairing of 30 kilo per household each and every month (from the existing amount of 35 kg for each and every household per month) is viewed as adequate to meet all of the nutritional requirements connected with poor households

Centimeter Of the 20 crore property owners currently holding ration handmade cards, 8 crore belong to this BPL category and 75 crore to the APL; 35 crore are layered under the Antyodaya scheme The condition price of foodgrain for APL homes was last set in July 2001 Those for BPL and even Antyodaya households have always been unchanged since August 2000 Under the TPDS, BPL families receive a subsidy of 50% not to mention APL families 30% on the price range The Centre’s food subsidy expense has been rising in an alarming rate in the last five years

It more than doubled from Rs 12,060 crore in 2000-01 to Rs 25,800 crore in 2004-05 The government acquired budgeted to spend Rs 26,200 crore on food subsidies nowadays in this year The new challenge price will include a subsidy of 30% For the time being, angered by the government’s decision the Communist Party for India-Marxist (CPI (M)) said: “Instead about enlarging the extent of the PDS, this depends upon reducing its spread and the access in ordinary people to simple nutrition” Supply: The Indian Categorical, January 7
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2006The Hindu, February 7, 2006DNA, January 6
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2006UNI, January 6, The year 2006 The Clemenceau controversy contains forced us to help reconsider the issues jeopardized with regard to asbestos At the same time developed countries have blacklisted it, the Indiana government is not only raising the industry to expand and refusing to follow abroad norms like the World-wide Labour Organisation’s Asbestos Convention 162, writes Ravi Agarwal # With buffer companies of wheat from their lowest level considering that 2002, demand for foodgrain using various food security measures schemes increasing, and also government putting on carry its decision to minimize the amount of foodgrain under the open distribution system, there’s fears that promises to the Targeted Community Distribution System isn’t going to be met Low load stocks of foodgrain love wheat and rice may affect the way to obtain these items to India’s bad through the Targeted Manifeste Distribution System (TPDS) and various other welfare schemes This Ministry of Food and additionally Civil Supplies has said that it will not be able to fulfill the