Knowing the Working Process of Mining Preheater

The preheater adopts the suspension preheating method to complete the preheating and partial decomposition of raw materials to reduce the length of the rotary kiln and at the same time make the raw materials and red hot air mix sufficiently. With the quick and efficient drying process they provide, rotary dryers are used for a variety of applications beyond soil remediation. They are used in the food processing industry to dry grains, citrus and potato by-products, spices and nuts; in the metal and mining industries to dry a variety of metal concentrates and minerals such as aluminum, coal, limestone and fluorescent lamp powder; and in the ceramic and chemical industries to dry silica and beach sand, ceramic powders and synthetic resins.

From the coal out of the flue gas cylinder dryer tail end into the preheater, and oil and gas force pump feeding preheater system improve the system of raw material in full of heat exchange, make the tube tail gas temperature from before the preheater into 1000 ℃ or so down to preheater exports of 350 ℃ or so; Make raw from room temperature to approximately heat powder into the coal slime of 800 ℃ or so before the dryer, and made part of raw material powder in preheater found in decomposition.

In mineral processing equipment, the drying equipment is the machinery industry sales of the best products, including coal slime the dryer is the most popular many customers of the dryer equipment, this Hongxing heavy industry mining machinery Co., LTD henan personnel of technology of company is to share about coal slime made the status of water heater dryer cylinder, coal slime dryer tube preheater is made of dry rotary kiln firing system of equipment.

Rotary-kiln dryer, is also known as rotary drum dryer, is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industries and so on. It is often used to dry off the metal concentrates, tailings, and grains. Meanwhile it is the most common choose of the drying machine for the cement factory. With a good applicability of materials, it is suitable for all kinds of materials.

The primary use of a rotary dryer is to reduce the moisture content in a variety of materials. They are excellent for drying sawdust, wood shavings, hay, and livestock renderings, by-products used for animal feed, paper, municipal solid waste, salt and sludge. Rotary dryers are a key piece of equipment in soil remediation. The rotating drum heats the soil to a temperature high enough to vaporize the contaminants, but not so high that the soil is incinerated. As the dryer rotates, the material is lifted by a series of fins called flights that line the inner walls of the drum. As the material rolls back down off the flights, it passes through a stream of hot gas and falls to the bottom of the dryer. This process continues until the material is thoroughly dried.

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