Finite Element Model of Impact Crusher

Use finite element method to analysis the dynamic characteristics of the impact crusher, we learn the impact crusher modal distribution, and each modal shapes, pointed out that the structural strength of the impact crusher weaknesses, and provide the necessary reference for the design and improvement of the impact crusher. The impact crusher is mainly used for materials such as coal, coke crushing operations. During operation under strong impact load, vibration and noise. If the vibration amplitude is too large, which will have an adverse impact on the stable operation of the equipment and the surrounding environment. Therefore, the when designing broken machinery, it is necessary to analyze and understand the natural frequencies and mode shapes, and understand operating frequency to try to avoid its natural frequency, and effectively avoid resonance.

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The main parts of impact crusher includes two parallel installation teeth roll, each tooth roller distributes several broken teeth, we can achieve the crushing through the tooth roller rotary. In order to facilitate the analysis, we simplify the impact crusher structure, the gearbox and the motor is applied to the uniform quality unit to its installation location. The connection between the reducer and the tooth roller shaft is achieved through a coupling. Modeling is converted to the corresponding roller shaft in the ends of displacement constraints, retaining only the tooth roll shaft about its axis direction DOF.

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Between impact crusher machine lid and rack, and the connection between the bearing seat and rack, they are fixed relying on a multi-bolt connection. For convenience, in the modeling, we remove the bolt connection, and is applied in the corresponding contact surface between the binding constraints. Hongxing Machinery is a famous professional manufacture of various types of crushing equipment, roasting, grinding equipment and other high-tech enterprises of the mineral processing equipment. Hongxing has experienced a long history of development, we have professional technology, we produce the equipment with first-rate quality, on what we depend to win our reputation.

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