Dealing with the Common Faults of Jaw Crusher in Operation

Here, briefly, is an introduction to the working principle of jaw crusher. Jaw crusher works by ’squeezing’ when material from the inlet into the crushing cavity, the movable jaw plate close to the static jaw plate so as to achieve the effect of broken material, but because of the movable jaw plate and materials direct contact with the movable jaw plate is exposed to load large, long hours of work teams movable jaw plate has a lot of wear and tear, especially when the hardness of the material is very large, so that the jaw crusher cannot be broken, so materials will be stuck in the crushing cavity, thus affecting the normal work of the entire production line.

The jaw crusher with a wide range in mineral production base, gravel production lines, one of the above is the most common mining machinery and equipment in sand making production line, is the most important mining machinery and equipment one. Hongxing Machinery jaw crusher equipment and other types of crushers compared with broken than large, simple structure, convenient maintenance, low production costs, the output is big advantage is widely used in mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries. Jaw crusher due to its special structure and working principle, generally as ore crushing, sand production line for processing primary crushing.

Into the crushing cavity material hardness exceeds the device limit, in order to protect an important component of good equipment will not be damaged and taken after the thrust plate as an insurance component. Generally speaking, after the casting of the thrust plate is divided into two kinds, but their effect is to protect the important parts of the equipment, a cast iron cast as a whole, so that after the thrust plate in the above play a few holes or open a slot in order to reduce the cross-section strength of the entire board; The second is a plate is cast by the two together, and then linked with a screw.

When hardness exceeds the limit of the material into the crushing cavity, equipment overload phenomenon, all power will be passed to the thrust plate leading to fracture, such equipment will fracture because of the thrust plate to stop working, thus the effective reach of the protection to reduce the damage to the jaw crusher. The different requirements of the market will produce different products to meet the needs of the market in order to better promote the healthy and stable development.

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