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sweetness of your kisses.” copies ghd “That’s not a payment,” Diana smiled back. “It’s more like a fringe benefit.” She leaned over and gave him a brief kiss. “That’s what I like,” Jim said, “a job with benefits.” “Actually, Jim, I need your expertise in another area.” “Okay.” “How does this thing work? Can you explain it to me? I’ve got some math. I think I can pick it up.” “You want me to explain the single most important invention of our ghd hair time while standing on one leg?” “Yeah,” Diana said. “Something like that.” “Okay. Actually it’s pretty simple. Come on outside. I’ll Cheap ghd show you.” Jim unbolted a side panel and showed Diana a space beneath the floor which once housed the drive shaft. There was now another kind of shaft, shiny, polished and fitted with six ghd ghd Straighteners pure large, grooved rings. At one end was an electric motor about six inches long. “Real simple,” Jim said. “The motor turns the electromagnets which rotate in opposite directions. The counter-rotating magnetic fields synergize to produce a field that is impervious ghd hair straightener south africa to many different materials, and which can ghd flat iron be influenced to move in a particular direction. As you know, that’s done through a computer model of the field. That’s really where the math comes in, defining the exact shape and motion of the spin field. It depends on the position and speed of the magnets.” “Yeah,” said Diana, “I understand that. I think what I want to know is, what is it about the magnets that make the field form? How is that related to gravity?” “Ooch.” Jim looked wounded. “The tough questions. Do you have a good background in theoretical physics?” “Well, just what I’ve picked up from the vid, really.” “Yeah, me too. I know how to control it, how to build it, ghd mk4 how to do any damn thing with it. But I’m not a physicist, you know. Does an automobile mechanic ever really understand what causes ghd IV Styler ghd hair petroleum vapors to explode? The chemistry of it, on a molecular or atomic level, I mean.” “No, I guess not.” ghd flat iron “Okay, thunderthighs, back on the bus. I’ll show you some more.” “Thunderthighs!? I don’t have any thunderthighs.” “Well, if you’d just pull that skirt up a little, I could see for myself. Ah, yes, thank you. I apologize deeply.” Back on board, Jim tapped a brief command into the Mac and the screen filled with computer code. “This is a variation on Palmer’s original program, which was written on Macintosh. That’s why you still ghd pure use this archaic thing ?it requires the least adaptation from what Palmer wrote. It’s difficult to adapt for other m 02

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